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Just finished a nine day run on the show Shark Tank, wow do I love working that show. The Sharks are actually a bunch of really cool people, focused on MO-NAY of course but they're still great human beings inside. I wish I had one thousandth of the financial brains they have, I could make a mint.

Got a couple days on Sam & Cat starting tomorrow at Nick on Sunset. Hope we wrap at not too late a time Friday, I really want to go over to Space 1520 to see a band "The Blank Tapes" play at nine. Then Saturday and Sunday we're back on Shark, I think Season 5 ends on Tuesday.

Been seeing a bunch of really good bands in town the past few weeks. The Bootleg, Echo, and a couple of "hidden" spaces in downtown LA are becoming really fun to catch bands in after work, and I've loved Froth, Summer Twins, Colleen Green, etc. and I can't wait to see The Blank Tapes Friday as I mentioned. A few of the bands do suck, but the majority are wonderful. Makes me wish I took up an instrument earlier in my life.
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One of the original Apple-1 computers is up for auction. I bought my first Apple II computer back in 1978, and I still have it ... and AFAIK it still works!

Anyone have a spare $161,000 - $240,000 laying around I can, um, borrow? Yeah, but Becky would kill me.
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Had some fierce winds last night around 4:00 AM, looks like the backyard camera took a blast. I'll have to put that on my to do list Saturday.

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thunder and lightning coming our way?

This just in from the National Weather Service:

... A Flash Flood Warning remains in effect until 400 PM PDT for east
central Los Angeles County including the southeast portion of the
Antelope Valley and eastern San Gabriel Mountains...

At 236 PM PDT... National Weather Service Doppler radar continued to
indicate strong thunderstorms over the southeast portion of the Antelope
Valley and the eastern San Gabriel Mountains. Between 1 PM and 240 PM... the
strongest storm affected Highway 138... southeast of Llano... extending
southward into the San Gabriel Mountains... including the cities of Big
Pines and Wrightwood. This strong thunderstorm complex was very slow
moving... with a weather spotter in Wrightwood estimating rainfall of
around 2 inches in 30 minutes. In addition... 4 to 6 inches of water
was flowing in the roadways... with flooding of yards and streets.

Additional storms are developing on the northwest flank of this thunderstorm
complex... moving towards Palmdale... including highways 14 and 138.

And the web cam's catching the first hint of thunderhead clouds coming over
the San Gabriels, this could get exciting! (too bad I'm at work here in Bell Gardens)


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I might have screwed up today.

Apparently we don't start taping the World Poker Tournament until 4:00 PM today, and the game could easily run twelve hours or more. Well I have to be at iCarly tomorrow at 7:30 AM, and since we would still need to wrap the poker tournament here in Bell Gardens before we call it a day today, it could definitely be a tight turnaround for me. I can't rule out the possibility that I could be hightailing it from the poker tournament right to Nick on Sunset tomorrow morning, still wearing my show blacks. Yuck.

Think positive thoughts, think positive thoughts.
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I am just beginning to really understand and love the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone, and maybe it has something to do with the high quality of the built in camera of my new iPhone 4 which is making this app so fun to use.

Anyway, Ian and I poked around South Pasadena today, having breakfast at a wonderful little place on Mission Ave. called Mike & Anne's, and of course we had to make a stop at Buster's for a cup of coffee. That's where I really had some fun with the Hipstamatic app.

(click to see bigger image)

Tomorrow and Friday I'll be at Paramount on "The Doctors," and then I have three days off, woo hoo!
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